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We're a creative team bitten by an electronic bug

We work hard to bring robotics and electronics at your finger tips and doorstep!

We create identities

VEEROBOT is an identity designed to serve and fulfill your robotic requirements

We create identities

Visit VEEROBOT to join hands

We Deliver Quality

We are a team of artists working together on electronics.

We build brands

Always expect the best quality products from us!

We Design the world around us

We are a team of artists designing one product at a time

We Design the world around us

Each of our product makes a difference

We love what we do

We are passionate about Electronics & Robotics

We love what we do

We hope your passion finds a company


Siliris Technologies is a supplier of robots, robotics, robot peripheral equipment and electronic products. We also provide support software to help users build their own robot.


VEEROBOT is our distribution division for designing, engineering and developing tiny and useful electronic sensors and modules to use in your dream project

Robot Platform

Robot Platform is an online tutorial site created by and for robot enthusiasts. The site provides access to a sea of resources to understand and build robots.


This Learning Center is designed to provide a range of tutorials explaining how to use different sensors and modules, and simplify your learning process

Friendly Customer Support

We are there when you need us. Contact us and we will try our best to solve it. A smile on your face is all that keeps us happy and going :)

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Brain for your Bot


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Marketing Manager

Simply sell good stuff. Love to move around the world and sell well!


Technical Consultant

The secret agent behind the good stuff sold here. Love to create geeky and crazy stuff!


Designer Artist

The failsafe creater and artist who creates what everybody loves


Human Resource

Manage people, places and stuff around us


Software Programmer

Recreating embedded programs to work with the vast array of products available

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About Siliris

Siliris helps you build your dream Electronic & Robotic projects by selling you those tiny electronic bits, pieces and modules. We also provide free online tutorials to ease your task.


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